Pendry San Diego

A stylish urban oasis in the historic Gaslamp Quarter, Pendry San Diego is an inspiring place to return to after a day of exploring thriving San Diego. Unwind in spacious guestrooms where the traditional California aesthetic is fused with modern touches and amenities. Explore the nearby neighborhoods of East Village and Little Italy before heading to the rooftop lounge for a refreshing cocktail and sunset views. Whether you’re in town for business or pleasure, Pendry San Diego’s full-service spa, pet-friendly accommodations, and centralized location make this a perfect home away from home.

• Choose from 317 light and spacious guestrooms, including 36 luxury suites
• Sample local cuisine, fresh ingredients, and craft cocktails at one of six restaurants and bars
• Recharge and unwind at the holistic Spa Pendry and stunning rooftop pool
• Plan a social celebration in 35,000 sq ft of meeting space, including an 8,400-sq-ft grand ballroom
• Discover San Diego’s iconic sights and charming neighborhoods right at your doorstep
• Relax on a chaise lounge by floor-to-ceiling window overlooking downtown San Diego

Experience a lifestyle of true California sophistication at Pendry San Diego, where the days are spent lounging by the pool and spa before an evening of music and curated cocktails at the swanky Oxford Social Club.

作为位于历史上著名的煤气灯街区的一个时尚城市绿洲,Pendry San Diego 是在对繁荣的圣地亚哥进行一天探索之后的一个振奋人心的去处。您可以在传统的加州美学与现代时尚和设施相融合的宽敞客房中尽情地放松。在前往屋顶酒廊进行清爽鸡尾酒会以及观赏落日之前,可对东村和小意大利附近的社区进行探索。无论您是在这里出差还是游玩,Pendry San Diego 的全面服务水疗、宠物友好型住宿以及中央位置都使其成为一个理想的出门在外之家。

• 有317间宽敞明亮的客房可供选择,包括36间豪华套房
• 在六个餐厅和酒吧之一品尝当地美食、新鲜食材和工艺鸡尾酒
• 在整体水疗彭德里和令人惊叹的屋顶游泳池进行充电和放松
• 在35,000平方英尺的会议空间计划进行一次社交庆典,包括8,400平方英尺的大宴会厅
• 伫立门前,发现圣地亚哥的标志性景观和迷人的居民社区
• 在落地窗附近的躺椅上放松,俯瞰整个圣地亚哥

在 Pendry San Diego 感受一种真实的加州生活方式,在这里,人们白天在泳池和水疗度过悠闲的一天,而晚上在时尚的牛津社交俱乐部尽情地享受音乐和精心策划的鸡尾酒会。


  • 550 J Street San Diego CA 92101 US


Looking for luxury rooms in San Diego\\\'s Gaslamp District? With 317 rooms and 36 luxury suites, the Pendry offers the complete gamut of sumptuously appointed accommodations. Each room boasts luxury linens by Fili D’Oro, custom bath amenities by MiN, fully-stocked mini bars, and more. 24-hour front desk service and even pet-friendly accommodations make Pendry San Diego one of the prime hotels in the entire Gaslamp Quarter. Further, guests will have access to the pool, jacuzzi, and 24-hour fitness facilities.



Provisional - With an espresso bar, soaring ceilings, a display kitchen, an overhead greenhouse and a boutique shopping experience, Provisional offers guests light fare in a communal dining room. Provisional emphasizes seasonal, locally sourced ingredients.

Lionfish - More than a restaurant, this social gathering place specializes in coastal cuisine. Head by chef Jojo Ruiz, a San Diego native and appointed one of the nation’s top fifty YOUNG GUNS by Eater National in 2016, the restaurant’s concept is both innovative and convivial. Lionfish spans 2 stories with a loft on the second floor which features a private dining space perfect for celebrations, group events, and gatherings.

Nasons Beer Hall - This beer hall is where California meets German brewing. With vintage bar games, plenty of flat screen televisions, and prime locations for outdoor drinking, Nasons Beer Hall is the perfect spot for enjoying a craft brew.

Oxford Social Club - This social gathering place offers guests an elevated nightlife experience. The Oxford Social Club is where sophistication meets chill vibes. The club features an ambitious cocktail menu, and some of the nation’s best DJs will host events throughout the year.

Fifth and Rose - This unique watering hole was wholly inspired by the concept of a “host’s living room”. As such, Fifth and Rose is a relaxed setting with a relaxed atmosphere making it a place you’ll never want to leave. Engage in a conversation, hash out your next day trip, or simply enjoy a cocktail in this venue’s sophisticated ambiance.

Pool House Rooftop Hotel Pool - Cocktails in the sun overlooking San Diego’s 5th Avenue. This location is the perfect rendezvous for leisure in the sun, and one of the best locations to simply enjoy beautiful San Diego—although the private cabanas and nautical decor may have you thinking you’re actually in Saint-Tropez.

狮子鱼-超过一个餐厅,这个社会聚集的地方是沿海的美食。厨师Jojo Ruiz的头,一个土生土长的圣地亚哥人,任命一个全国排名前五十的国家中年轻的枪者2016,餐厅的理念是创新和欢乐。狮子鱼跨越2层在二楼设有一个私人用餐空间理想的庆典,一个阁楼的群体性事件,和集会。


San Diego’s Gaslamp District is home to numerous shopping locales, eateries, bars, and convention centers. Major events take place at the San Deigo Convention Center all year round, and there are numerous attractions for tourists to explore throughout the city. Stand out favorites include the famed San Diego Zoo, Petco Park, Qualcomm Stadium, and SeaWorld. Nestled a few miles away, the beautiful seaside village of La Jolla is a must see and makes a perfect escape for couples or family trips. Kayaking, cruises, and scuba diving make for great daytime excursions; no matter your interests, there is plenty to see and do in the city of San Diego.

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