Hotel España

Hotel España boasts the finest of luxuries for travelers exploring Spain. Situated in the heart of Barcelona within its charming Ramblas district, the hotel puts guests just minutes away from theaters, museums, and renowned dining hot spots. When recharging at the hotel, the rooftop swimming pool, terrace featuring live music, and celebrated restaurant modeled after a vintage inn are all available for relaxing opportunities, day or night.

The hotel is situated within the historic Ramblas district, nearby to a variety of Barcelona's top destinations. From theaters, to shopping, to world-class dining, Spain's revered architecture, history, and culture are just moments away.

来 Hotel España 探索西班牙。位于巴塞罗那的心脏在其迷人的中心区,酒店把客人从剧院,只有几分钟的路程的博物馆,和知名的餐饮热点。在酒店的充电,屋顶游泳池,阳台设有现场音乐,和知名的餐厅为蓝本后,一个老式客栈都可以轻松的机会,白天或晚上。



  • Sant Pau 9 11 Barcelona 08001 ES


Travelers are treated to four-star accommodations at Hotel España. With 82 rooms spanning five floors of the property, the hotel was decorated in the early 20th century and recently renovated, reflecting sentiments of the past along with contemporary design aesthetics. Within each room, guests can enjoy the modern comforts of home with countless amenities. A work desk, individual reading lights, a large safe, individually-controlled air-conditioning, a full-length mirror, and much more adorn the spacious interiors.

Available Accommodations

  • Boutique Room
  • Deluxe Room
  • Boutique with Terrace Room
  • Junior Suite
  • Suite Ramblas

Hotel España 酒店装饰早在第二十世纪,最近装修,反映出随着现代设计美学的过去的感情。在每一个房间,客人可以享受现代的家有无数的设施。工作台,个人阅读灯,单独控制的空调,一个完整的镜子,以及更多的装饰宽敞的内饰。提供住宿


World-class dining awaits during time at Hotel España, with one restaurant, terrace, and lounge space for visitors to enjoy. Restaurante Fonda España, conceptualized by Martin Berasategui, features traditional cuisines blended with contemporary stylings, all set within a homey, inn-style atmosphere. Chef German Espinosa consistently delivers an innovative menu at the celebrated establishment.

At the ALAIRE RAMBLAS terrace, guests can enjoy small bites and cocktails amid a spirited, rooftop atmosphere, offering matchless views of Barcelona ahead. Relaxation continues at Bar Arnau, with a fireplace as the bar's centerpiece, blending the contemporary with the vintage. With its name taken from sculptor Eusebi Arnau, the bar maintains an artistic ambiance with an eclectic design.

Hotel España 有一个餐厅,阳台,供游客观赏休息空间。餐厅ñ方达ESPA,概念由马丁贝拉特赛吉,特色的传统美食与现代风格的混合,在一个温馨的家庭,所有的设置,酒店风格大气。厨师德国埃斯皮诺萨一贯提供一个创新的菜单。在艾拉尔Ramblas露台,客人可以享受小片和鸡尾酒在意气风发,屋顶的氛围,提供难忘的观点在巴塞罗那。在酒吧放松继续说,有一个壁炉和酒吧的中心,现代与复古的混合。它的名字取自雕塑家该说,酒吧保持与折衷设计的艺术氛围的。


Perched upon the 8th floor of Hotel España, the ALAIRE RAMBLAS terrace features live music during the summer season, allowing guests to relax while gazing out onto the cityscape ahead. For major sporting events, the terrace also boasts a large-screen television and comfortable seating.

Guests visiting from May through October can enjoy the rooftop swimming pool and sundeck, complete with cozy lounge chairs under the sun. For those who mix business with their leisure time, the business center offers a computer and printer, with complimentary WiFi throughout the entire hotel.

Within the historic Ramblas district of Barcelona, travelers will find that they are located nearby to many of Spain's top destinations.

Barcelona Attractions and Activities Include:

  • Raval
  • Portal de L'Angel Shopping
  • Paseo de Gracia Avenue
  • The Gothic Quarter
  • La Boqueria Market
  • Plaza de Cataluña
  • Gran Teatro del Liceo
  • Sagrada Familia
  • Montjuic
  • Casa Mila
  • Museu Picasso
  • Montserrat

在 Hotel España 一第八楼的露台,阿鲁爱勒兰布拉斯特点现场音乐在夏季,让客人放松凝视到城市未来。重大体育赛事,平台还拥有一个大屏幕电视和的座位,从5月到十月,来访的客人可以享受在屋顶游泳池和日光浴,配有躺椅在阳光下。对于那些把工作和闲暇时间,商务中心提供电脑、打印机、免费WIFI整个酒店,在巴塞罗那的历史中心区,游客会发现他们都在附近的许多西班牙顶级的目的地。巴塞罗那的景点和活动包括:为竞争对手
Paseo de格拉西亚大道
La Boqueria市场
大剧院del Liceo

Casa Mila